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About Us

healing for body and mind

We provide professional therapeutic massage treatments specialising in strong and firm therapies as well as anti-stress relaxation treatments.


Deep tissue or Sports massage are our most popular treatments, along with our signature Thai Massage. We specialise in treating long term chronic pains, with many coming in to treat back and shoulder problems.

We can be very busy, especially the latter part of the week when clients are stressed out and tired from work. We recommend you book ahead, either call us or book online here!

We are open everyday (inc Bank Holidays)

Mon - Sat:  10:00am - 8:00pm.
Sun:          10:00am - 6:00pm


You can come to either of our two locations:


71 High Street, 
CM16 4BA

Tel:  01992 355105


42 The Service Bay, The Stow
Harlow CM20 3AN
Tel:  01279 423 856


Massage Therapies

A range of therapeutic massages to help de-stress, improve circulation and general well-being. Our popular Signature Thai Massage combines the special Thai-style of yoga-like stretching with focus on energy flow through the body, repairing and healing. Aromatherapy or Hot Stone massages are deeply relaxing, helping the body and mind.  


Remedial treatments

We specialise in treating long term chronic pains, sports injuries, back problems and sciatica. Our remedial treatments are complimentary to other forms of health treatments. The Deep Tissue or Sports massages are very popular. Some clients have found that we manage to fix their chronic pains and come to us on a regular basis. 


Recommended treatments

Tel:        01279 423 856  E-mail:

NOTE - we will not answer private number/anonymous calls


Thanks !

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